This past Friday Rodriguez Jr. and Liset Alea spent the day at Bridges For Music Academy in Tanga / Cape Town, sharing their knowledge and music insights with students. 

At the end of the class the pair then hopped on the decks and mic and improvised with the students.


Bridges for Music is a non-profit organization supporting electronic music development in developing countries, leaving a positive impact in disadvantaged communities and helping to raise global awareness about local issues through music.


This is the first Bridges For Music learning space. Located in Langa, South Africa. This township was home of the legendary singer Brenda Fassie and has a strong musical influence and it has been home for the organisation's first workshops with international artists over the last 4 years. 

In townships, and other areas where poverty persists, young talented people are often attracted to a lifestyle of gang culture and criminal activity. However, for many of them music has become a driving force to overcome their struggles; but they lack the appropriate resources to assist them in furthering their careers.

Designed by TSAI studios in Cape Town, the main goal of the school is to become a learning space and creative hub where these young, talented individuals are able to pursue their dreams and develop their skills, through a shared passion for music and other forms of art.  It also aims to become a landmark building in the community from an architecture point of view. Lectures will be given on aspects of music production, graphic design, basic internet usage, and filming but what is more important new life and entrepreneurial skills will be taught. The school will also have specific production facilities with the latest equipment donated by our partners.

An outdoor area will be used as an events space for both the school and the community around it, where we will host workshops and events, as well as utilising the space for screenings. We are hoping that this space will become a nest for all young artists, not only from Langa, but from other areas in Cape Town, becoming a true bridge between communities. 

Olivier Mateu